Who do I contact to book the grounds or to use the grounds?

  • The grounds Booking Officer see contacts page on this website
  • PLEASE NOTE: at least 24 hours notice is required for any booking.

When do I have to notify the booking officer when I want to use the grounds?

  • You must notify the booking officer every time you want to use the grounds outside of a booked club day.
  • All events, club days, lessons, clinics, practice sessions and general riding or any other activity outside a designated club day requires notification/booking prior to the activity taking place.

What if I just want to use the grounds for the farrier, saddle fitter, bowen therapy or an activity in which no one will be riding, do I still have to book the grounds?

  • Yes. Every activity that takes place on the grounds must go through the booking officer. This is to ensure that it is safe to be on the grounds that day.
  • There can be other activities on the grounds, ie, maintenance, use of heavy equipment, etc. in which it may not be safe to be on the grounds with horses.

What kind of notification do I need to give prior to using the grounds?

  • First check the DEC calendar on the web site, www.dec.org.au and see if there is already an activity booked on the grounds.
  • You should give at least 24hrs notice if planning on using the grounds.
  • You may email or call, but bookings at short notice will not be accepted unless under extremely special circumstances.
  • Sending an email or leaving a message is not booking the grounds. There must be a reply from the booking officer confirming your attendance on the ground before your use of the grounds is authorised.

What ground fee do I pay?

  • Please see the BOOKINGS Tab for full details of fees
  • The ground fee is $5 per horse/per day whether the horse is ridden or not .
  • The ground fee must be paid on the day.

How do I pay my ground fees when no one is there and the club rooms are not open?

  • There is a sign-in book in the box near the side kitchen door where you are required to…
    Sign your full name/club that you belong to and envelopes for your ground fee. Place your money in the envelope and then place this in the ‘letter box’ at the front of the club rooms under the office window.

How do I book the grounds for lessons and clinics and other events?

  • There is a booking form on the web site to book the grounds in advance. You can print and send the form to the booking officer and the form can now be completed on line for your convenience.

Are there additional fees for booking the grounds/clinics at the DEC?

  • Yes, there can be. Please see this  web site under Fees Tab.  Or you can contact the booking officer if you are not sure. You can also take any queries to your own club meetings or see your Dardanup Equestrian Centre Representative and they will assist you. Each club has three representatives on the DEC committee

How do I make a special request or have an issue dealt with in regards to using or booking the grounds at the Dardanup Equestrian Centre?

  • First take your issue or request to your club meeting and ask that it be tabled at the next DEC committee meeting.
  • The DEC Committee meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month.
  • If you have an urgent request, you can submit it to your DEC rep, who will forward it to the DEC Secretary for distribution to the committee members.
  • Please be aware that the issue may not be decided immediately and may have to be tabled at the next DEC meeting.

Do I need to notify the DEC Booking Officer if I am cancelling an event, lesson, etc?

  • Yes. The grounds are in high demand and notifying the booking officer of a cancellation may allow others to book the grounds.