• We recommend that ALL riders wear a helmet that conforms to current Australian Safety design standards. Riders must follow their club rules in regards to gear at all times
  • Gates to entrances and yards are to be kept closed at all times
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • All equipment used is to be put away in the appropriate place – including rails and arena markers unless agreed otherwise
  • All hay, manure and litter is to be removed from the arenas, yards, and parking area. All manure is to be put in the manure pits provided.
  • Horses may not be fed or stabled in the round yards or small enclosed lead rein yard
  • No training or riding your horse during an event in which you have not paid an entry fee or have the express permission from the organiser
  • Float and truck parking should be in designated areas
  • Keys and codes to facilities must be used for the intended purpose only and NOT be shared other than with a DEC authorised user.
  • The main arena MUST be dragged after club days/events or clinic when used
  • Casual riding available ONLY to members of the affiliated clubs and members must contact the Grounds Booking Officer at least 24 Hours in advance. Casual riders must check the calendar prior to riding at the grounds and if the grounds are booked must verify if the grounds are open for this purpose with the booking officer.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the affiliated clubs for riders using the grounds.
  • Riders using the grounds must abide by the conditions of their club insurance
  • All facilities after use must be cleaned and left in good order:
      1. Kitchen left clean and tidy as per posted requirements
      2. Yards picked up and clean of manure and hay
      3. Rubbish around club rooms removed
      4. Club rooms: swept, rubbish removed, toilets (ladies’ & men’s) cleaned and mopped.


  • Cross country course bookings are managed by the Dardanup Pony Club.
  • Preceding an ODE, the cross country area will be closed to all riders and competitors.
  • No ENTRY to this area during this time.