The four clubs affiliated with the Dardanup Equestrian Centre (DEC) have priority of booking the grounds for their major events/fund raisers.

  • Each club should submit their dates for Club Days by the  15th of January.( If there is a delay in the governing body of a club,  providing or approving dates the submission can be extended.)
  • After these dates are submitted to the booking officer and entered into the calendar, the grounds are then open for bookings for clinics/lessons by the affiliated clubs and their members.
  • If there is a clash of dates, clubs should negotiate the booking.
  • No Hire Fees apply for DEC affiliated clubs, the organiser must ensure that all ground and camping fees are paid.
  • The DEC usually runs two or three busy bees during the year. These bookings will take priority over clinic bookings if there are no suitable dates available on the calendar

Club Days:

  • Clinics and lessons on Club Days do not need to be booked by the affiliated club.
  • All  Fees as set by the club organisers/coordinators.
  • Please see the Fees Tab for details of ground fees and hire fees.

Out of Club Days:

  • Clinics and other activities must first be taken to the affiliated club meetings for approval of suitability of the activity related to their membership
  • After approval by the affiliated club committee, a booking must be submitted to the booking officer. An online booking form is available for your convenience.
  • If there are no clash of dates the booking officer will schedule the event in DEC calendar
  • Fees – please refer to the fees tab on this web site
  • All bookings/forms must be tabled at the DEC committee meetings

Booking the Grounds for Casual Riding

Affiliated DEC Club  members can ride at the grounds outside club days or events.  There must be two adults present.  The use of the grounds MUST be booked with the Grounds Booking Officer Emma Greengrass and Connor Morgan at least 24 hours in advance. The longer notice the better. Please email or use the booking form  link on  this web site.

First check the Dardanup Equestrian Centre web site to make sure what events are on. If there is an event on you must get permission from the organising club or the event organiser. Click on the event on the Google calendar to find this out. Call or email the person concerned.

When making a booking via email, please include all of the relevant information,

  •  your name,
  • phone number,
  • time of riding,
  • area you wish to use,
  • The club you are applying from HRC, DHPC, ASH SW Branch or DCD
  • Other people who are to be present(over 18)  as you cannot be there on your own.

At times the cross country course and paddock is completely out of bounds. As club members we are able to ride in he paddock at some times of the year.  The cross country jumps are only able to be used with permission of the Dardanup Horse and Pony Club.  Please contact the committee members direct.  Details are on their web site

Please see the full calendar of DEC Grounds. If another DEC club is using the grounds your booking may be declined.

We encourage members to ride. Please send all of the information at the time. Or you can fill out the booking form and answer the questions. What happens next  All of the DEC Committee members are notified  by email.

Special Clinics and Premium Events:

  • The committee understands that some clinics need to be booked well in advance due to extensive commitments in other regions
  • There can be an allowance for early bookings of the grounds prior to the 15th of January date if submitted to the DEC committee for approval
  • A request will need to be submitted to the booking officer via a booking form from the affiliated club sponsor/host and submitted to the secretary of the DEC to table for approval
  • Please be advised that clinics will be required to share the grounds, unless agreed prior and stated on the booking form.
  • Single use of the grounds for the purposes of a clinic only, will attract an additional single usage fee

Insurance for Clinics Held by DEC Affiliated Clubs

  • The Club organisers must ensure the Clinician must provide satisfactory proof of current Public Liability Insurance to the grounds Booking Officer.
  • These Clinics should be listed in your Club’s Minutes.
  • All riders must be members (or Event Members) of the Club, holding the clinic.

Hire  of the Grounds  –  Outside Hirers

  • The grounds and facilities may be hired by outside users, in special circumstances, with  the approval of the DEC Committee, when the grounds are not being used by DEC Affiliated Clubs
  • Sufficient time must be allowed submit the proposal to a DEC meeting.
  • These meetings are on the first Wednesday of most months.
  • For Bookings,  please fill out the booking form and contact the DEC Booking Officer,( see contacts page(
  • The Hire Fees, ground fees and camping fees apply to these bookings, see the FEES Tab, under BOOKINGS , on this web site
  • The Hirer/Clinician agrees to accept the DEC Rules and Conditions.
  • The Clinician must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance to the grounds Booking Officer before the clinic can proceed.
  • Participants do not have to be members of a DEC affiliated club.
  • The Hirer or Clinician must ensure that all ground fees  and camping fees are paid.

    Insurance for Outside Hirers

    • The Clinician/Hirer must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance,  to the grounds Booking Officer before the clinic can proceed.